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Welcome to my latest history blog – Tutto Franchini! – which is dedicated to my husband’s paternal lineage and to everything that concerns the Franchini surname and Franchinis in history. My husband Guglielmo (Bill) Franchini and our children descend from the Lucca  (Italy) branch of Franchinis. You will see three types of information on Tutto Franchini: 1.  The genealogy and family history of Our Franchini family 2. Extracts from Canadian records that pertain to Franchinis 3. Franchinis  around the world and throughout history. Evelyn Yvonne Theriault (Montreal, Quebec)

Nous parlons francais :-) Parliamo l’italiano :-)

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Family Recipe Friday | Spaghetti alle vongole in bianco (baby clams) – Bill Franchini

Note from Evelyn – Bill’s kids have been asking him for his recipes for ages, and now he’s finally decided to “open the vault”

Spaghetti alle vongole in bianco

This is the most misunderstoood dish outside of Italy. I have seen just about everything . . . . . served with cream topped with abundant portions of parmigiano and green onions, and a whole assortment of spices and herbs ….. AWFUL!!! This is what happens when bricklayers decide to open restaurants! Italian cuisine is simple, easy and generally inexpensive but it requires fresh ingredients and very few spices. Here is a dish that takes less than 20 minutes to prepare.


1. Spaghetti, abt. 100 gms per person unless you are like me and use 150 gms. I use Barilla #7 spaghetti because they are a little thicker and do not overcook. Continue reading

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Francesca Franchini – Racing Through The 90s

The Franchinis are passionate about racing (especially F1) and for awhile they were into karting too. Francesca was the racer – her father Bill and brother Marco were the pit crew – and I was the chief cook and bottle washer!

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Canadian Franchinis Here And There | Copper Cliffs, Ontario

Bocce Bonspiel A Great Success is an article from the company magazine  Inco Triangle (September, 1954) describing a tournament in which a certain Guido Franchini took part.

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Canadian Franchinis Here And There | Sudbury, Ontario


Land Registry Office Wills – Sudbury District OGS Publications

Franchini, Gerry

Northern Districts, 1924, Part 1 Continue reading

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Giovanna Franchini m. Paolo Mei | Franchinis In Canada

Paolo Mei (son of Pasquale Mei and Maria Cecchi) m. Giovanna Franchini (daughter of Luigi Franchini and Matilde Agostini on the 17th of February,  1916  in Notre Dame du Mont Carmel parish in Sault Ste Marie. Giovanna had been born in Carrara, prov.Pesaro, Italy.

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