Peter Franchini m. Mary Spinacci | Franchinis In Canada

Peter Franchini (son of Louis Franchini and Matilda Augustiana) married Mary Spinacci (daughter of Louis Spinacci and Muccioli Matilda) on the 25th of February 1924. The marriage took place in Espanola (Bon Pasteur et St Louise de France) in Ontario.

Note: Espanola is in northern Ontario in the region of Sudbury.


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Index: Franchinis In Canadian Birth, Marriage & Death Records

Canadian Birth, Marriage, Death Records

Antoine Franchini & Patry Rose-de-Lima (marriage) QC

Antonio Ferdinand Ray(?) Franchini (baptism) QC

Beniamino Giuseppe Emilio Franchini (baptism) QC

Ersilia Franchini (baptism) QC

Lazzaro Franchini m. Anna Taberi (marriage) QC

Raymond Franchini m. Jacqueline St-Arnaud

Roberto Roy Franchini (baptism) QC

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Raymond Franchini m. Jacqueline St-Arnaud | Franchinis In Canada

Raymond Franchini (son of Antonio Franchini and Rose-de-Lima Patry) married Jacqueline St-Arnaud (Louis St-Arnaud and Simone Valois) in St-Anselme parish in Montreal in the late 1940s (information suppressed).

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Franchini Extracts: Lovell’s Montreal Directory | Franchinis In Canada

Montreal historyFranchini , Anna

7703 Birnam                      1956 to 1957                       widow L

Franchini, Antonio

2060 Bourbonniere av    1954 to 1955       St Lawrence Sugar, employee

4769 N.Dame E.                1956 – 1959             labourer

Franchini, Carl

Apt b  4, Plateau                               1924/25                                waiter

Apt G r 4 Plateau                              1926/27 – 1929/30

Apt G r 1451 Winning                      1930 – 1955

Franchini, E

1094 St George                                 1952                       rms

Franchini F

4904 St Cath E (h)                             1953-1955            shoemaker

2060 Bourbonniere av  (b)                                            owner, Cordonnerie Viauville

Franchini,  Frs

4769 N Dame E                                  1956 – 1959         shoemaker (same as above?)

Franchini, Jean

apt 101, 6077 Sherbrooke             1952                       labourer

6065 Sherbrooke w.                        1957 – 1958         superintendant

Franchini, Mario A

476 Bloomfield av O                         1951 – 53             Pau Travel Services, rep

Franchini, Raoul

2060 Bourbonniere av                    1954 –  55             Standard Paper Box, employee

4769 N Dame E                                 1956 – 1959         White Horse Spruce Beer, driver

Franchini, Ray

2053 Chambly                                    1950 – 1959         shoemaker, Francis Franchini

Franchini, Robert

1472 Av Hotel de Ville                     1955                      Garage Maheu, mechanic

1956                       painter

These extracts are from the Annuaires Lovell de Montreal et sa banlieue which is available online at  the site of the Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec. So far I have only extracted the metropolitan records (not the rest of Montreal region). For reasons of privacy, I have stopped at the year 1959.


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Lazzaro Franchini Passing Through Boston On His Way To Montreal

Franchini Genealogy | Tutto FranchiniThis might be the Lazzaro Franchini who later married Anna Taberi in Montreal. The register states that he was 23 years old and that he arrived on the s.s. Canopic (White Star Lines) on March 30th, 1908. The Canopic had sailed from Naples Italy to Boston, Massachusetts.


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