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Family Recipe Friday | Spaghetti alle vongole in bianco (baby clams) – Bill Franchini

Note from Evelyn – Bill’s kids have been asking him for his recipes for ages, and now he’s finally decided to “open the vault” Spaghetti alle vongole in bianco This is the most misunderstoood dish outside of Italy. I have … Continue reading

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Francesca Franchini – Racing Through The 90s

The Franchinis are passionate about racing (especially F1) and for awhile they were into karting too. Francesca was the racer – her father Bill and brother Marco were the pit crew – and I was the chief cook and bottle … Continue reading

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Eureka! | Image of Antonio Franchini, 19th Century Opera Singer

The most amazing thing about the internet is to watch the constant growth of information coming online – and most family historians know that it can really pay off to go back every once and awhile and redo your initial … Continue reading

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Giovanni Franchini’s Military Career (Pt.5)

My husband has a photograph of his grandfather Giovanni Franchini in his Alpino uniform and after enlarging it he realized that his grandfather was wearing a medal. It’s a sepia image but my husband says “it appears to be a … Continue reading

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Coat of Arms of the San Marino Franchini-Tassinis

  This artwork by G. Franchini is based on information from the Enciclopedia storico nobiliare di V. Spreti and represents the coat of arms of the San Marino Franchini Tassinis. Description in Italian (English will follow soon) albero uscente dalla … Continue reading

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