Our Franchini Lineage as of October 2010

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m just beginning to research my husband’s Franchini line so I thought I would record what we know of his lineage as of this moment. Of course, all of this information needs to be verified and fleshed out.

Antonio Franchini married Palmira(?) in the mid 19th century. Antonio was from Modena (Emilia Romagna) while Palmira was from Polinago (Modena). Antonio and Palmira had three children: Giovanni (our direct line), Vittorio and a daughter. Antonio was an opera singer. (see Antonio Franchini, 19th Century Italian Tenor)

Giovanni Franchini married  Pia Fini in the 1920s. Giovanni Franchini was from Bologna while Pia was from Borgo Tossignano (Emilia Romagna). Giovanni served in the Italian military during the First World War. They had one son – Antonio Franchini. (see G. Franchini’s  Career)

Antonio Franchini first married Luisa Dini in 1949. Luisa’s parents were (?)Dini and Anne Huber. Luisa was from Naples. They had one son – my husband Guglielmo Franchini. This line is now settled in the Montreal, Quebec area.

Antonio also had three more children – all girls (information withheld for privacy reasons) and their lines are settled in Italy.

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1 Response to Our Franchini Lineage as of October 2010

  1. Ralph L Franchini says:


    My aunt Louisa and my grandma Adela, Grandfather Nazzareno are mentioned on your Francine’s in Canada Page. I am interested in your research and may be able to help.

    Ralph Franchini

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