Lorenzo Franchini of Bologna In London, England in 1473

At one point, the British Government collected information from “state papers and manuscripts relating to English affairs” that were located in northern Italian librairies. One such document from 1473 lists a Lorenzo Franchini as witness to a commercial affair in London, England.

1473. William Slade in front of his house (ante domum) in Lombard Street, parish of St. Nicholas Acon, on the 15th March 1473 [1474], the bill-broker Manfred de’ Nocchij, certifying that on the 12th March in London the ducat was worth 50f pence sterling.  Witnesses, Gabriel de Ursi and Lorenzo Franchini, both of Bologna.

[Protest in Latin. Copy of the bill in the original Italian. Protest and copy, 15 lines. Notarial signature, 3 lines. Parchment.]

Source: Calendar of state papers and manuscripts relating, to English affairs, existing in the archives and collections of Venice: and in other libraries of Northern Italy


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