The Rapid Rise Of The Talented Baron Franchini (Pt.4) | The Crema/Ravenna Connection

I’ve been trying to learn more about Bartolomeo Pergami and the Franchini title and I came across an Italian site (Odonomastica del Comune di Ravenna) which contains information about Ravenna place-names. In its entry for the Via Canale Pergami it lists some fascinating extra details about the Baron de la Franchini.

  • The Baron Bartolomeo Pergami della Franchini was from Crema (Lombardy)
  • He was originally a “cavallerizzo” (horseman or horse-master) in the service of the Governor of Milano.
  • In 1814 the Princess of Wales travelled through the area and the Governor ordered Pergami  to take charge of the unit that had to escort the future Queen Caroline Emilia Elizabeth on her travels throughout Italy.
  • The two soon developed “una relazione amorosa” and as described in former posts Bartolomeo received several titles of increasing importance.
  • The Franchini barony (Baronia della Franchina) was a Sicilian title. It was purchased by The Princess of Wales, and she granted both the titles and lthe ands to Pergami in 1816.
  • Pergami  also received nine properties around Lake Como, Villa Verucchio and Pesaro from the future Queen, and then something called a “concessione enfiteutica of the coasts of Ravenna” from the Pope. I believe that this term refers to the right to exploit those lands, but haven’t been able to confirm this.


| Franchinis Throughout History

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