Giovanni Franchini’s Military Career (Pt.5)

My husband has a photograph of his grandfather Giovanni Franchini in his Alpino uniform and after enlarging it he realized that his grandfather was wearing a medal. It’s a sepia image but my husband says “it appears to be a Campaign decoration for participation in the Turkish Italian War”. he came to this conclusion because Giovanni Franchini “was in Libya between 1911 and 1912 with the Lucca regiment and consequently took part in the colonial conflict” which was part of the Turco-Italian war.

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2 Responses to Giovanni Franchini’s Military Career (Pt.5)

  1. Jean-Pierre FRANCHINI says:

    You can obtain information on military statements Giovanni Franchini from:
    Ministero della Difesa
    16.a Divisione documentazione Esercito Sezione 5.a,
    Via XX Settembre 123 / a
    00187 ROMA

    asking these particular states:

    1. Zone di guerra in cui la persona ha prestato servizio
    2. Cronologia dei fatti di guerra, date, location, etc..
    3. Reggimenti of appartenenza (solitamente più di uno)
    4. Fatti d’Armi
    5. Ferite riportate e Ospedalizzazioni
    6. Eventuali onorificenze
    It should also give indications on the identity of the person, date and place of birth, parents etc. ..
    The information will be sent, but it long ago asse a result.

    très amicalement,

  2. Bill Franchini says:

    Merci Jean-Pierre
    Les gens m’ont envoyé plusieurs adresses dans le passé, mais ceci semble être beaucoup plus promettant.
    Je leur écrirai certainement cette semaine.
    En attendant, Evelyn et moi nous sommes curieux sur les origines de votre famille. Appartenez-vous à la branche provenant du nord-est de l’Italie ou à la branche provenant des régions de la Toscane et Emilia Romagne?
    Je suis en train de créer une base de données avec autant de Franchini possibles, si tout va bien nous espérons trouver plusieurs corrélations.
    Merci et à bientôt
    Bill (Guglielmo) Franchini

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