A Noble Branch Of Franchinis (descent through Giovanni Paolo Franchini & Angela Beroldo)

As discussed previously (Ottavio Franchini of Verona And Ferdinand II, Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire), the Repertorio genealogico delle famiglie confermate nobili e dei titolati di Verona (Francesco Schroder) includes information on two Franchini families of Verona who carried noble titles. This is the entry for  he Franchini branch that descends from Giovanni Paolo Franchini and his wife Angela Beroldo.

Original Italian



Altra Famiglia domiciliata in Verona che COTÌ Sovrana Risoluzione 4 settembre itti8 ottenne la conferma della sua nobiltà procedente da quel Consiglio nobile. •

Girolamo del fu Giovanni Paolo e della sig. Angela Beroldo, nato ….

Francesco del fu Giovanni Paolo, nato ….

Angelo del fu Giovanni Paolo, ammogliato colla sig, Marianna Salvetti.


Giovanni Paolo, nato …, . ^ ; Giuseppe, nato ….

Loose English translation

Another noble Franchini family residing in Verona which received its title from the September 4th, had its existing title confirmed by the smae Council.

Girolamo, son of the late Giovanni Paolo and Angela Beroldo, born

Francesco, so of the late Giovanni Paolo and Angela Beroldo, born …

Angelo, son of the late giovanni Paolo, married to Marianna Salvetti


Giovanni Paolo, born … ,  Giuseppe, born …

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