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Giovanni Francesco Fortunato Franchini | June 7th, 1888 | Birth Certificate from Modena State Archives

Milleottocento ottantotto (1888) Padre di Antonio Franchini e nonno di: Guglielmo Franchini, S.B., N. B. et R. F.. http://www.antenati.san.beniculturali.it/v/Archivio+di+Stato+di+Modena Archivio di Stato Modena – Stato Civile Italiano Nati 1888 Franchini 78 Giovanni L’Anno milleottocentottantotto addì sette di Luglio nella Casa … Continue reading

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Lorenzo Franchini of Bologna In London, England in 1473

At one point, the British Government collected information from “state papers and manuscripts relating to English affairs” that were located in northern Italian librairies. One such document from 1473 lists a Lorenzo Franchini as witness to a commercial affair in … Continue reading

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And So Franchini Drew His Sword …..

I stumbled across this interesting anecdote in the book Mann and manners at the court of Florence, 1740-1786: founded on the letters of Horace Mann to Horace Walpole (Dr. Doran). It recounts an incident that took place in Florence between … Continue reading

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Bologna’s Franchini House (aka Ricci-Curbastro House)

In an article on the prestigious families of Bologna and their palaces mention is made of a  building which was at one time known as the Franchini House. Here’s an excerpt from that page: The Ricci-Curbastro House, in ancient times … Continue reading

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